Monday, January 14, 2008

Survivor: Search for a Chancellor

An upcoming episode of Survivor will take place in an urban setting: The Tweed Courthouse. The search for the next Chancellor has already begun and the Dept. of Education will use the format of the hit TV show. The entire process will be broadcast as part of the Survivor series.

Twenty top candidates will be locked in the Tweed Courthouse for 8 weeks. There are no qualifications other than the fact that they may not have one iota of knowledge or experience with education in any way. They will eat only food prepared in school lunchrooms and must eat at least one Jamaican beef patty a day without taking antacids. Every other day one of them will be voted out based on how well they complete a number of tasks. Ed. Notes spies have obtained a list of these tasks:

Teach SFA (Suckcess for All) to a class.
Pass all teacher certification tests.
Type a memo within one day.
Know what ECLAS stand for.
Teach a class of 35 students for an entire day.
Sit through a faculty conference.
Sit through a full day of staff development.
Teach a class of 15 special ed students. Test them on what is taught. If students fail the test, the candidate is automatically eliminated.
Take a class on a trip.
Sit through 50 minutes of watching staff development videos twice a week. The doors to the roof will be locked during these sessions, as it is expected that at least one or more candidates will attempt suicide.

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